Rod Buffer Seals

Rod Buffer Seals

The primary purpose of the buffer seal is to protect the main rod seal from the effects of shock pressure loading.

It is important that the buffer seal allows adequate lubrication of the main seal and does not cause a pressure trap between itself and the main seal. The Hallite designs of buffer seals have features that help to prevent this possibility.

Rod Buffer Seals

  • 653 653 Max pressure 700 Bar
    Temp range -45°C to 110°C
    Max speed 1m/sec
    653 Max pressure 700 Bar Temp range -45°C 110°C Max speed 1m/sec

    The Hallite 653 is a buffer seal developed to work in conjunction with high performance rod seals, such as the Hallite 605 and 621. It is also interchangeable with common PTFE buffer seal housings.

    The seal, which is manufactured in Hythane® 181, is designed to provide a valve action to prevent excessive pressure build up in the cavity between the buffer seal and the rod seal. A polyacetal anti-extrusion ring is fitted to provide maximum extrusion resistance against shock pressure loads.

    The Hallite 653 is a patented product:

    European patent no. 0427554BI.
    U.S.A. patent no. 5088747.