Hallite Italy has always placed at the centre of its activities the need to present and demonstrate externally the high level of quality our products and services have to offer. Today, even more, it is essential to be active in this company’s activity, as the opportunities for meetings between the brand and the market have increased tenfold thanks to the increase of communication systems.

That’s why during the Financial Year 2016-2017, Hallite Italy has decided to publish a series of articles on our most important services and products on one of the most representative trade magazines, Oleodinamica Pneumatica.

Below you’ll find links to the online articles, published by Oleodinamica Penumatica trade magazine.

1 – Nuovo sistema di fornitura di tenute

Source: OleodinamicaPneumatica; numero 9 OTTOBRE 2016; Tecniche Nuove S.p.A.

2 – Tenuta stelo per applicazioni medie e leggere

Source: Oleodinamica Pneumatica; numero 10 NOVEMBRE 2016; Tecniche Nuove S.p.A.

A heartfelt thanks from Hallite Italy for this collaboration with the trade magazine Oleodinamica Pneumatica and to all those who made possible this activity.