CIP Composites™ materials are thermoset materials reinforced by impregnating other material for additional strength. The result is a material with excellent strength, impact resistance, and dimensional stability.

The precise formulation of CIP Composites can be specifically suited to each application, but all grades have outstanding chemical and mechanical properties.

An extremely low coefficient of friction, high PV limit, and superior wear performance make CIP Composites a supreme bearing material, particularly when working with heavy loads.

At 1/6 the weight, CIP Composites are an ideal replacement for brass and plugged bronze. With virtually no water absorption or swelling in water. CIP Composites are a perfect material choice for wet applications.

CIP Composites are commonly used for electrical isolators, offshore marine bearings, bushings, thrust washers, FPSO bushings, FPSO bearings, FPSO thrust washers, wear pads, and wear rings.