In March, Hallite Seals (Canada) Ltd. saw an increase in demand for sealing products from major international cylinder OEMs in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Customers placed orders at record levels out of concern that the supply chain would be interrupted following local and national government restrictions. The Government of Ontario recently extended emergency measures to stop the spread of the virus, including the closure of non-essential workplaces.

Hallite sealing products are used on essential equipment like garbage trucks that operate at high hydraulic fluid temperatures

“Hallite Canada is classified as an essential business,” said Andrew Bonnici, Managing Director for Hallite Seals Canada. “And most of our customers are also considered essential businesses. They are serving garbage trucks, agricultural, construction, material handling, and injection molding equipment used to provide services that are most critical to daily life. We’ve been busy, and the pandemic has required extraordinary effort and commitment to employee health and safety. We are pleased to see our team step up to the challenge.”

Customer service and shipping department staff apply social distancing guidelines

As in other global locations, Hallite Canada has implemented significant employee screening practices to detect virus symptoms, such as a daily self-assessment questionnaire and non-contact temperature checks. Scheduled cleaning and disinfection of all work areas, the installation of automatic hand sanitizers throughout the facility, and keeping all internal doors open to minimize the need to touch surfaces support this effort. Where possible, employees are working from home, and employees onsite are adhering to social distancing guidelines to limit exposure.

Keep the communication lines wide open

“I can’t over-emphasize the importance of regular communication with customers and between team members,” said Andrew. “This has enabled our customer service and shipping departments to go the extra mile to get products delivered in advance and as soon as reasonably possible to navigate airfreight shipment disruptions and cost increases compounded by thinning labor as people stay at home.”

“We remain optimistic as we continue to follow government guidelines, monitor the situation, and vigilantly put health and safety first.”