AutoStore will help Hallite expand warehouse storage capacity and improve operational production and distribution logistics globally

HAMPTON, Middlesex, July 31, 2019 – Hallite Seals International Ltd., a global leader in the supply of premium quality hydraulic cylinder sealing solutions, is partnering with Dematic to install AutoStore, a high density automated storage solution, at five Hallite warehouses. The system will maximize storage capacity and dramatically increase stock availability. Implementation begins in August.

(images courtesy of Dematic/Autostore)

“This technological investment marks an important milestone in the company’s mission to improve lead times and ensure products are available for customers,” said John Curtis, Hallite Global Managing Director. “AutoStore’s use of adaptable, intelligent features promote accuracy and reliability that will help us achieve a new level of customer service, reduce operational cost, and further widen the gap with competitors.”

With the installation of AutoStore, Hallite’s warehouse spaces will be reduced by as much as 30 to 40 percent. The system offers maximum storage density with a minimum footprint by means of a bin storage cube configuration structured on mezzanine platforms up to a height of six meters. Robots access inventory stored in the bins using an energy recovery system during bin lowering and robot braking to reduce electricity costs. Efficient, accurate and reliable inventory storage and robot picking is a key advantage.

Tom Willis, at Hallite said: “As Global Operations Director I am always looking at ways to improve on every aspect of the service we provide to our customers. On our warehousing activities – from picking to packing, despatching accurately and storage requirements, the Autostore solution meets many of our requirements and will also allow us to make more efficient use of our buildings. The system is based on a model that adapts with the growth of the business and can be easily integrated into our existing warehouses — which future-proofs our warehousing operations. This is exciting because we can look to expand our manufacturing operations without incurring the additional rental or construction cost.

Linked to Autostore, we couldn’t accomplish this without the innovative approach offered by Autostore’s global partner Dematic, part of the Kion group. They are a global player in the logistics and automation field and through the selection process was the one partner who proved they could handle this on a global basis through five of our eight operational countries that we have.”

Willis noted that the safety of our employees comes first and through this system we reduce the hazards that could present themselves in our existing warehousing operations.

Andy Blandford, Managing Director Northern Europe at Dematic said “This is a really exciting project where we have worked in collaboration with Hallite to understand the needs and demands on the business, which has culminated in providing the right solution in order to help future proof the business globally”.