Hallite China has been awarded A Million work hours without lost time injury.

Paul Sexton (Group HSE Coordinator) and James Barnett (Divisional HSE Director) presented the award and celebrated with all the employees of Hallite China.

The celebration has come about due to activities including:


  • Opening Speech and Safety Requirements from Fenner Group (Paul Sexton)
  • Stay alert and stay safe to achieve the Divisional HSE award – the Navigator Award (James Barnett)
  • Safety review and Hallite China New target (Penn Pan)
  • Staff Represents Speech
  • Signature wall for all the employees
  • Photos and Cheers Luncheon in the canteen

Hallite China is very proud of their achievements. It’s a great milestone in their ongoing efforts towards the continuous improvement of safety performance across the Hallite China’s network of manufacturing plants.