Founded in 1969 and acquired as a family business in 1991, Dallas, Texas-based H&D Distributors, Inc. has a long legacy in the sealing product business. In the early 90s, it was a one-person operation. Today, the company employs a team of 35 operating from a centrally-located, state-of-the-art distribution center. It serves OEM and the maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) market with a focus on three distinct industries: general hydraulics, oil and gas, and semiconductor.

“We have been a proud Hallite distributor since 1995,” said Derek Fay, president at H&D Distributors. “Becoming a Premier Distributor is proof that the relationship has been mutually beneficial. A high degree of trust enables open communication that allows us to strategize on how to approach opportunities and prospects.”

More than half of the company’s professional staff are engineers. When someone calls H&D Distributors, an engineer is most likely answering the phone. They are uniquely qualified to help with seal selection, material advice, and failure analysis. Moreover, their relationship with Hallite’s technical team enhances the customer experience.

The importance of inventory and kitting

H&D Distributors maintains a vast inventory that allows the company to ship more than 97 percent of all ordered line items the same day.

“In an industry where almost everything is time-sensitive, our reputation for a high service level is one of the reasons why customers approach us,” said Fay. “Another reason is kitting, which is a rapidly growing part of our OEM and MRO business.”

Fay explained that kits give hydraulic repair shops the convenience of time and cost savings, especially on a short turnaround. Under this arrangement, a technician working on a cylinder for a manufactured piece of equipment can provide the H&D team with the make, model, and application of the cylinder. The distributor supplies seal kits eliminating the need to identify and size seals – dramatically decreasing turnaround time.

OEM customers appreciate kits because they simplify the manufacturing process, allowing them to focus on their core competency. Distributor-managed seal kits allow Hallite to concentrate on its core business of seal manufacturing. Kitting enables efficient use of resources that save customers time and money.

Assets that promote continued growth

Hallite is planning a portal exclusively for Premier Distributors to give them access to a Test Report database.

“While the exclusivity helps, the information and data are more important because of how we interact with customers,” said Fay.

As an example, Fay said his team receives a high volume of requests for wipers like the Hallite 520. Because of how well they perform and the results of the wiper testing that Hallite conducted with the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), the Hallite 820 wiper is more broadly embraced. Wipers are getting more attention than before. There was a time when they seemed to be an afterthought, but test data shines the spotlight on the critical role wipers play in cylinder longevity.

Optimization of seal profiles and materials is another benefit of Hallite’s collaboration with H&D Distributors. Together, the two companies work with customers to understand their applications and design seal solutions. In many cases where OEMs encounter issues with seals operating in challenging pressure or temperature environments, a quick switch to the right seal eliminates the problem.


“Our objective is to walk away from each customer interaction leaving value behind,” Fay said. “We may not always walk away with a purchase order, but it builds credibility and paves the road for the next conversation. Partnership with Hallite helps enhance those interactions.”

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