Hallite Australia remains busy supporting customers

Hallite’s operations in Australia are unique because, unlike the company’s manufacturing facilities in other parts of the world, Hallite Seals Australia conducts Business-to-Consumer (B2C) business from storefronts. Daily, employees working across Australia support customers with urgent cylinder repair needs. These are fast-paced, customer-facing environments where commercial transactions are conducted over a counter.

Plexiglass shields installed at the counter in Perth

In response to the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, several location-specific precautionary measures have been put into practice to protect everyone’s health and safety. Plexiglass shields were installed at the counter, cash is no longer being handled, strict social distancing methods have been implemented, and diligent hand-washing and disinfection are imperative. Masks and non-contact thermometers will be used by staff. There are separate bottles of hand sanitizer at the counter for customers and staff, and where appropriate back office staff work from home, to mitigate the risk.

“There is so much abnormality in our lives at the moment that some normality is good for all,” said Tony Pace, Managing Director for Hallite Seals Australia. “We remain very busy with some end-users ordering product now to ensure they have supply later. This activity relates to large cylinder builders who have received some orders in advance from their end-users. The use for these cylinders is quite varied because they are applied across a wide range of industries, and the seals required to keep them running are equally wide-ranging”

Strict social distancing promotes customer safety

According to Tony, demand from some smaller repairers and sole traders has slowed, but larger customers remain busy. Hallite is structured to ensure the continuity of its business operations, even under the most challenging circumstances. Hallite’s Australian team feels proud to be able to continue offering help and support that customers and partners need during this time.

Collaboration is Key

Working collaboratively with other Michelin Group companies in Australia is helping Hallite navigate the situation. The pooling of orders for masks, gloves, and thermometers is one example. Other actions taken include ensuring appropriate orders are in place for raw materials and maintaining regular and frequent communication with staff, partners, and customers through video conferencing to provide excellent support and customer service throughout the crisis. When asked what businesses could do in the meantime, Tony advised that they develop their ramp-up plans in readiness for when the crisis subsides.

“Most important, we encourage the business community to follow all the guidelines provided by local governments and healthcare authorities to stay safe. Look after your team, support suppliers, and be good community citizens.”