PTFE offers low friction, exceptional chemical resistance, and sealability not found in most plastic materials.

Our sealing products have always set new benchmarks in hydraulic sealing applications, and Hallite’s new Armorlene® PTFE fluid power seal offering is no exception. Our new PTFE material is a fit-for-purpose solution designed for dynamic sealing applications.

Our PTFE portfolio offers 26 materials including 18 Armorlene® PTFEs which provide:

  • Improved wear resistance
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Increase in mechanical strength
  • Improved extrusion resistance
  • Improved low friction
  • Increase in thermal conductivity

Our PTFE material is enhanced by our deep technical and testing expertise, which enables us to engineer unique, custom sealing solutions. Glass, bronze, graphite, and nickel fillers are used to provide an even wider range of performance characteristics.

The Hallite PTFE material and product portfolio is a fit for-purpose solution designed for dynamic and static sealing applications, where high speeds up to 15 m/s (50 ft/s), low friction, temperatures ranging from -200 to 260°C (-328 to 500°F), strong wear performance, broad fluid compatibility and high pressure capabilities up to 600 bar (8700 psi) are required.

While maintaining its inherent properties and characteristics in material compounds, PTFE can benefit from the improved mechanical strength, stability and wear resistance provided by the additive. Hallite uses various fillers to optimize PTFE characteristics such as glass, carbon, graphite, MoS2, bronze and mineral.

Hallite’s experienced team of engineers can help you carefully select fillers based on the application media andseal geometry. We can also custom blend if you need material properties that go beyond the limits of our listed materials. Give us a call and we can partner with you to find the best material choice for your application.