Hallite International Australia are proud of the thirty-year partnership we’ve developed with leading Australian hydraulics manufacturing company, Nordon Cylinders. As a supplier, our mission has always been to provide the best product quality, service and technical expertise to our customers and over this journey, we have successfully supported Nordon Cylinders in becoming a highly successful Australian manufacturer. After thirty years of selling solutions together, Nordon have become a valued part of our portfolio.

With almost 50 years in the business, Norm Johnson and Fay Vogelzang front this home-grown Australian company. They advocate for the ongoing support, quality and assurance Hallite have provided as they continue to supply to Australia and the USA, with hopes to grow exports too Africa and Europe.

Norm’s state of the art robotics system is the first of its kind nationally and we are proud to help Nordon deliver this innovative technology to the rest of the world.

“There is no other product that is as bigger range, as good quality as what the Hallite product is” – Norm Johnson, Nordon Cylinders

“The product is consistent. It’s always the best and it’s always when you want it” – Fay Vogelzang, Nordon Cylinders

We meet Norm and Faye’s passion for their business with a drive to supply the best quality seals for their cylinders, enabling them to expand their company. We are passionate about helping our fellow Australians build global Australian businesses.

Our Australian Managing Director, Tony Pace, summarises the partnership perfectly when he says Nordon and Hallite share a mutual value for quality and customer service. As the leading hydraulics manufacturer in Australia, it is of utmost importance to Nordon (and all of our clients) that we can provide 24/7 support as well as on-demand supply and international accessibility.

According to Norm, the range and quality of Hallite Seals has been largely intrinsic to Nordon Cylinders’ products after moving through multiple suppliers before settling with Hallite.

“To be able to let our clients know … that they can go to their local seal supplier and get genuine replacement seals off the shelf anywhere in the world is a great thing for us” – Fay Vogelzang, Nordon Cylinders

As a seal supplier who always strive to deliver the best product quality and customer service, we are pleased to receive such a great reception from Nordon Cylinders. Hallite International Australia look forward to many more years supporting Nordon’s expansion.

“Our mission statement is that Hallite Australia sell solutions, not just seals and for me, that is in perfect alignment with Nordon who do exactly the same thing. They sell solutions.” – Tony Pace, Hallite International Australia