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Webinar 1: “Introduction to Hydraulic Seal Design, Selection, and Application” — an informative 40-minute video recording immediately available on-demand.

Webinar 2: “Demonstration of the Fluid Power 101 App and a New Digital Platform Showcasing Partnership with the Milwaukee School of Engineering” – an informative 25-minute video recording immediately available on-demand.

Webinar 3: “Beyond the Basics: Testing to Understand how Material Chemistry Drives Seal Performance” – an informative 35-minute video recording immediately available on-demand.

Podcast 1: “Choosing the Right Rod Seal for Your Hydraulic Application” – an informative 35-minute voice recording immediately available on-demand.

Podcast 2: “Continued Seal Advancements and the Extension of Life for Mobile Equipment” – an informative 32-minute voice recording immediately available on-demand.


Metric fluid power seal catalogue

Inch & pneumatic fluid power seal catalogue

Armorlene® PTFE product catalogue

Market brochures

Armorlene® PTFE product profiles
We’ve expanded our portfolio again, continuing to offer our customers around the world the reliable products and services they depend upon from Hallite.

Hallite corporate capabilities
An overview of manufacturing capabilities, location, testing, materials and products for common applications.

Capacidades de los sellos Hallite – Corporate capabilities Spanish version
Una sólida cartera de productos de catálogo, ingeniería de valor agregado y servicio de fabricación que cumple o excede las necesidades y expectativas del cliente.

High performance sealing solutions
Hallite products, engineered in a wide variety of advanced materials, are chosen by leading manufacturers for their exceptional performance in the most demanding, safety-critical high specification applications.

Sealing systems for the mining industry
Working in partnership and liaising with manufacturers worldwide, Hallite fully understands the demanding applications and the severe working conditions in which mining equipment operates.

Sealing systems for off-highway equipment
Hallite Seals offer both the OEM and the end user a range of products specifically designed and manufactured to service the global off-highway industry.

Hallite Fastrack
Using the latest CAD/CAM our CNC machines are designed to produce rubber and plastic parts to customer’s drawings or by utilising one of the 100 plus computerised profiles.

Product brochures

Hallite’s AEON® hollow rubber springs
Hallite’s extensive range of AEON® progressive rubber springs have improved suspension performance both as a sole suspension and as a spring helper for over 40 years.

Hallite’s OptiSeal® system design guide
The OptiSeal® system is a high-performance, low-friction, full-spectrum sealing solution.

Hallite P94 double-acting piston seal
The Hallite P94 is a class-leading sealing solution for use in the most demanding applications.

Hallite 869 wiper seal
The Hallite 869 double-lipped, metal-cased wiper is designed to press fit into open groove housings of popular Asian housing sizes.

Hallite 714 double-acting piston seal
Hallite’s 714 is a high-pressure, compact, double-acting piston seal for medium to heavy-duty applications.

Hallite 80 rotary pressure seal
The Hallite 80 rotary pressure seal is a seal designed specifically for use in hydraulic swivel joints.

Hallite 83 tri-seal assembly
The tri-seal consists of two split plastic anti-extrusion rings and a nitrile synthetic rubber-sealing member.

Hallite 621 rod seal
The Hallite 621 rod seal is engineered specifically for demanding applications which are subject to extreme and arduous operating conditions.

Hallite 714 high-pressure double acting seal
The Hallite 714 is a high-pressure double acting seal capable of passing over ports.

Hallite 720 unitized piston
Hallite’s unitised piston continues to establish and develop itself as a unique solution for our customers’ many and varied applications.

Hallite 720 unitized piston – complimentary article from Flow Control Network
Hallite’s 720 unitized piston breathes life into heavy-duty cylinder applications.

Hallite 735 compact double acting piston seal
The Hallite 735 is a compact double acting piston seal designed for one piece pistons and is suitable for low to high pressure, medium to heavy duty applications.

Hallite 780 high quality double acting compact piston seal
The Hallite 780 is a high quality double acting compact piston seal.

Hallite 780 tenuta pistone a doppio effetto
Tenuta pistone a doppio effetto compatta tipo Hallite 780.

Hallite 820 high performance rod wiper
Designed with the same look and feel as Hallite’s popular T842 and engineered to fit the same ‘D’ groove as our T520 wiper, the T820 wiper was developed specifically for harsher environments where the wiper is subject to numerous contaminants. This is common in agriculture, off-highway and forestry equipment.

Hallite 844 double lip wiper
The Hallite 844 wiper has been specifically developed for cylinders used in demanding off-highway applications.

Hallite 844 raschiatore
Il raschiatore Hallite 844 è stato specificatamente sviluppato per cilindri che operano nel settore del movimento terra. Il suo profilo con doppio labbro si abbina con l’impiego della speciale tenuta stelo Hallite 663.

Hallite 860 metal cased wiper
The Hallite 860 is a metal cased wiper designed to press-fit into open groove housings.

Hallite bearings, wear rings & bushings
High performance Hallite bearing and wear ring products are offered in a wide range of materials, configurations, and styles, that meet the needs of the most demanding applications for reciprocating piston and rod bearings.

Hallite unitized piston accumulator
Hallite’s unitized piston accumulator works and functions as one unit, replacing multi-part piston accumulators.

Hallite hythane suite of materials
No matter what extreme, Hallite has you covered.

Hallite wiper brochure
Hallite products, engineered in a wide variety of advanced materials, are chosen by leading manufacturers for their exceptional performance.

Hallite materials
Hallite’s materials, including thermo plastic elastomers, bearing compounds, nitrile rubbers and rubber-fabric, provide the characteristics that complement and enhance seal designs, providing products for many applications.