SHANGHAI, September 25, 2023— Hallite has a long history and solid reputation across China’s coal and mining industry for its expertise in hydraulic cylinder sealing solutions.
We are happy to announce our return as exhibitors to the biennial International Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition on Coal & Mining (CCME), to be held this year in Beijing from October 25-28 at the New China International Exhibition Center. Since its founding 40 years ago, CCME has become Asia’s premier coal and mining trade event.

Hallite will showcase its trusted legacy mining seal and bearing products from booth W1278 Hall W1. The well-known 842 wiper and 708 bearing will be among the products featured alongside innovative sealing products developed for pure water operations.

Joel Tao, sales director for Hallite China said:

“We have had much success with our products over the years and look forward to discussing numerous mining applications from crushing equipment and longwall roof support systems to shearers and tunneling machines. Recently, Hallite China successfully hit an unprecedented milestone with the successful testing of a set of 10-meter with bore 630mm leg ultra-large mining roof support seals for an intelligent hydraulic support project and the world’s first 8.8 metre with bore 600 mm leg project that was installed in December 2017, and to date, the equipment is still running well and reliable. Pushing the innovation envelope in the height and size of mining roof supports is aimed at helping customers increase the mine’s working efficiency, reduce operating costs, and increase annual output.”

Attendees visiting Hallite’s booth will be greeted by a dedicated technical team, mining sales team, and quality manager. Staffing the booth are Joel Tao, Viking Lv, Tom Cao, Alan Yu,  Jie Yu, Wei Xie, Stefan Xu, Coco Xu, and Bess Li. Learn more about CCME.