Our materials specialists are able to perform a range of testing services to ensure quality and optimal performance.

Whether in-house testing or field trials, we are able to reproduce ideal and worst-case operating conditions, recording seal integrity, as well as monitoring pressure, speed, temperature, and a number of other performance factors.

Hallite Seals test and development facilities include:

  • Friction And Leakage Test Rigs*
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Test Rig*
  • High Pressure Pulse Test Rig
  • Finite Element Analysis*

Analytical testing performed by our laboratory includes:

  • Chemical composition
  • Tribological
  • Rheological
  • Mechanical
  • Thermal

When required, we also design product test stands.

Our laboratory uses a robust spectrum of plastic and elastomer test methods to ensure that material properties meet specifications. Conducted applicable standards such as ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS; these tests include:

HardnessDurometer testing for control purposes, since no simple relationship exists between hardness and any fundamental physical property.
Tensile propertiesPhysical properties for tensile strength, ultimate elongation and modulus (tensile strength at a given elongation).
Thermal propertiesMeasures the performance of the material in a broad range of temperatures considering transition temperatures, coefficient of thermal expansion, and thermal stability.
Deflection temperatureA comparison of the relative behavior of various materials.
Compressive propertiesUseful in determining specifications for different grades of materials, and in conjunction with other data to determine overall strength.
Specific gravityThe ratio of the density of a material to the density of a reference substance, generally water. It is used as a quality assurance measurement to assure lot-to-lot consistency.
Tear resistanceA relative measure of a material’s resistance to tear.
Compression setA measure of a material’s retention of elastic properties, particularly useful with squeeze-type seals.
Immersion testingProvides insight regarding the effect of a particular medium on a specific material.
Heat agingUsed to determine a material’s deterioration due to dry heat.
AdhesionPrimarily a quality control test for coating quality and application.

*Capable of using high water-based fluids (HFA).