In response to customer demand, Hallite has invested in new highly efficient injection moulding machines. The machines, manufactured by Arburg, will be installed at Hallite’s UK Hampton facility for primary use with high-performance polyurethane materials, producing multiple seal types, including some of our key ranges such as our 605, 621, and 839 products. These seals are used in construction/off-highway cylinder applications, agricultural equipment, and mechanical handling applications, all of which support essential industries globally.

“The goal is to increase our capacity with additional flexibility across the moulding department, “said Andie Reeves, Head of Operations for Hallite. Our ability to respond to our customers’ demand is critical in these challenging market conditions, where supply chains are being tested by the erratic demand caused by the global pandemic. The addition of these machines will allow us to further enhance our agility in meeting customer requirements.”

Hallite has taken delivery of the first of two machines to arrive by the end of November. Both machines are scheduled to be set up and fully operational by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the manufacturing operations team in Hampton continues to work toward the achievement of a million man-hours without a loss-time incident because safety is an important component of Hallite’s operational growth plan.