A new look and more testing align with the company’s promise to enhance the customer experience and drive product performance and innovation forward

HAMPTON, Middlesex, December 1, 2020 – Hallite Seals International Ltd. are incredibly honoured to unveil refreshed branding today. As the specialist partner in hydraulic cylinder sealing solutions, one key strength of Hallite is its ability to build long-term partnerships across the entire supply chain. This was the focus from the company’s beginning in 1903 with the original partnership of the Hall brothers, and it is one of many distinctive competitive advantages underscored on the company’s journey to a new look and feel.

The work involved in refreshing the Hallite brand began with its customers and their feedback which was obtained through a series of qualitative interviews. This led to the development of an in-depth customer decision map, which became the focus of globally-led workshops where multifunctional teams collaborated to align Hallite vision and strategic projects with customer expectations.

Refreshed values and a vision designed with the customer in mind emerged from this year-long process, as reflected in various communications channels, such as an updated website. The new website was designed with the customer journey in mind. It features and focuses on key elements of the Hallite portfolio, history, and benefits.

With the launch of the new website, Hallite also introduces a new customer and partner exclusive portal — the Hallite Academy. It features a portfolio of brand assets developed in response to customer and partner needs for an easy-to-use toolkit of resources that enable seamless, uncomplicated collaboration with Hallite. The portal hosts a flexible, shareable fluid power training platform offering an unprecedented level of hydraulic fluid power education. Trainees gain practical knowledge about hydraulic sealing products based on demonstrations on applying them in industrial equipment.

The Hallite Academy also hosts the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) partnership platform that showcases external testing capabilities. For almost a decade, Hallite has partnered with MSOE to push the boundaries of hydraulic seal product testing and produce repeatable and comparable results that benefit the end-user.

Today, Hallite is also pleased to announce plans to expand its UK product testing facilities. The plan involves enhancing current test and laboratory capabilities for improved characterization and comparing materials. And it involves moving all equipment into a single state-of-the-art space inside the existing lab at 130 Oldfield Rd in Hampton. Hallite external and internal testing activities will be collaborative and complementary. The company will break ground in January 2021 on phase one of a three-phase facility expansion project expected for completion by the end of Q3 2021.

“Refreshing our brand and expanding our in-house product and material testing capabilities are major markers in Hallite history to drive forward our commitment to innovate into the future,” said John Curtis, Global Managing Director at Hallite. “Significant capital and human resource investment in these initiatives provide a unique opportunity to affirm a long-standing brand legacy and validate our promise to help customers and partners optimize their investment in our products and services.”

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