Hallite and its sister companies possess one of the industry’s broadest material portfolios, offering a versatile supply of elastomeric products made from high-performance materials that offer cost-performance and value in your application.

Our high-performance elastomers are used worldwide by customers who need top quality materials that are validated and proven to operate…

  • In temperature extremes
  • In chemically aggressive and abrasive medias and environments
  • Under rapid gas, or explosive, decompression (RGD) conditions
  • To tight performance specifications
  • For critical applications where failure could have significant health and safety, environmental or financial implications

Our extensive expertise in custom compounding allows us to make products that serve in the most extreme thermal, chemical and mechanical environments.

No single seal design or material will ever exist that is suitable for every application or performance environment. Because of this, careful attention must be paid to a range of operating parameters and service conditions that may impact the ability of a given elastomer material to successful maintain sealing performance once the final product has been designed.

Our unique compounds are created from different polymers – each designed to specifically address customer requirements.

Polymers commonly used include:

  • NBR – Nitrile rubber
    General purpose fluid power sealing rubber
  • TPE – Thermoplastic polyester elastomer
    Used in piston seal faces and anti-extrusion elements
  • TPU – Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer – Hythane®
    Widely used as a dynamic seal material
  • XNBR – Carboxylated nitrile rubber
    Rubber used when more wear resistance is required
  • HNBR – Hydrogenated nitrile rubber
    Used in applications with greater temperature range than polyurethanes (TPU) or standard nitrile rubber (NBR) is required
  • FKM – Fluoroelastomer rubber – Viton®, Fluorel®
    Recommended in extreme temperature ranges and more aggressive fluid; sometimes used in high-temperature pneumatic cylinders
  • FFKM – Perfluoroelastomer rubber
    For extreme conditions, rarely seen in fluid power applications
  • FEPM –Fluoroelastomer rubber – Aflas®
    Recommended in extreme temperature ranges and more aggressive fluid, rarely seen in fluid power applications
  • FVMQ – Fluorosilicone rubber
    Rarely seen in fluid power application
  • EPM – Ethylene propylene rubber
    For use in phosphate ester fluids, not mineral oil based fluids
  • EPDM – Ethylene propylene diene rubber
    For use in phosphate ester fluids, not mineral oil based fluids