Founded in 1996 in Albany, Western Australia, Al Curnow Hydraulics has been successfully serving customers around a vast 500 square km area around Albany in Western Australia’s south west.

Al Curnow, founder and owner of the company has 45 years’ experience in the trade and he now employees a team of 10. Part of the team operates directly from the main workshop and travels around using the 6 distinctive service vehicles.

The company’s mission is centred around speed of response. They use technology to gather as much information as soon as possible to be able to find a solution in a timely fashion. “We sort out your hydraulic hoses and issues and get you back up and running in no time.”

The company have been a Hallite partner for over 25 years and now an official distributor “Hallite is a job increaser and a money saver” said Al. “Hallite is the brand we use the most, they produce quality products from the UK”. Our customers and our business are not concerned with the cost as long as we are providing quality products.”

A proactive approach to selling to promote continued growth

Al Curnow has a distinctive entrepreneurship approach to business. They maintain a vast inventory of the Hallite products but, in addition, to save time and provide a professional service, the company packages Hallite kits ready for the customers. An incredibly proactive approach and example of promoting the continued growth of both brands.

This proactive approach is also bringing new business in a very difficult climate, with Curnow Hydraulics having received orders from 15 new customers in the last few weeks.

A partnership to provide solutions

Al Curnow Hydraulics have been very successful throughout the years thanks to their fast response and technical expertise provided. The partnership with Hallite has played a part in their success, according to Al. Whenever they need spare parts or further technical assistance, the Hallite Perth team is always there for them.

Al Curnow hydraulics stocks a large range of Hallite seals, and the quality of these products endures the harshest conditions on all types of machinery used in the area.

“There was this one time”, Al said, “where we received a job to repair a wool press cylinder we had never seen before.  A single acting piston seals with a i.d. of 3.187”:  lot of work was put into this job, investigating the problem, trying to find the best solution to the problem, drawing different scenarios to solve the issue. And the Hallite team was right there with Al and the team at Curnow hydraulics, providing their expertise and working in partnership to find the best solution. A set of seals where manufactured by Hallite Perth to solve the issue in a timely manner.

Jamie Moorby at Hallite Perth continues: “It’s been a long road so far, but we did something right. We put a lot of effort at the very beginning to ensure we analysed what Al Curnow Hydraulics were buying, understanding their purchasing patterns and filling the gap in their stock.”

A fantastic example of the spirit that runs through Hallite’s employees. A spirit of partnership and collaboration.

The future

Al has a big vision to grow Curnow Hydraulics in the future and he firmly believe Hallite is the right partner to do so.

Al has a young very ambitious team of experts that he aims to grow into leaders of his business. Hallite is right there to support with our online and onsite training packages which will be made available to the Curnow hydraulics teams as well as other key partners across the world. Find out more about our training packages by contacting your local representative.