We offer versatile, global manufacturing resources capable of meeting:

  • High-volume demand
  • Single production runs
  • Short lead times

Our regional manufacturing and support centres with onsite specialists ensure exceptional quality, and security of supply.

Our production and manufacturing process combined with our material processing capabilities enables us to control consistency of both product and material standards across our global manufacturing sites.

From injection moulding, to our state-of-the-art material feed system, we also have fully tooled CNC capabilities, and machining expertise.

Hallite is capable of manufacturing large diameter seals up to 103 inches (279.4 cm).

Global Manufacturing Capabilities
Casting Pour Casting
Open Mould Casting
Spin Casting
Other Casting
Forming Thermoforming (Hot Forming)
Press Forming (Cold Forming)
Die Forming
Moulding Injection Moulding
Transfer Moulding
Open Press Moulding
Compression Moulding
Auto Moulding
Large Diameter Moulding (>26”)
Extrusion Pre-form Extrusion
Melt Extrusion
Ram Extrusion
Over Extrusion
Rubber Extrusion
Machining Milling
Ball Grinding
Metal Grinding
Tool Room Metal Processing For Tooling
Secondary Processes Bonding
Plastics Welding
Spring Welding
Heat Setting
Insert Preparation
Adhesive Application
Laser Marking
Raw Material Processing Milling
Raw Material Development Polymerization