Optimal performance for construction/off-highway

Site reclamation, decommissioning and decontamination, and large-scale construction projects are just a few worksite examples where equipment is expected to provide optimal performance during long operating cycles.

Providing critical sealing components

Whether being used to steer, lift heavy materials, or stabilise equipment during operation, the hydraulic systems and cylinders found in this equipment push operating parameter limitations and specifications. As construction managers improve work-site efficiencies to meet productivity requirements and streamline operations, the level demand on critical equipment and related sealing components increases. The wipers, bearings, and barrier components found in robust hydraulic systems are essential in keeping hydraulic fluids clean and contained, thus safeguarding against external contamination. Each of these components becomes critical to ensuring seamless operations that protect equipment and personnel from damage or injury.

Hallite seal and bearing products meet performance demand

At Hallite, we are well versed in providing high-performance seals, bearings, and ancillary components designed to survive critical-service operations in construction and infrastructure. As hydraulic systems are pushed to their limit, our products are fully capable of withstanding issues of temperature, pressure, and shock load levels that might otherwise jeopardize seal performance. Made from materials proven to handle vibration, rough surface finishes, and dynamic temperatures the varied harsh operating conditions, we have supplied products for leading OEMs and cylinder manufacturers.

Typical construction/off-highway applications

Typical applications
BackhoesHeavy duty mechanical handlingMotor graders
CompactionHeavy duty pressesRoad paving equipment
Cranes and lifting platformsHeavy duty off-Road vehiclesScrapers
Crawlers and dozersHeavy duty tippers/telescopicsSkid steer loaders
Dump truckHydraulic swivelsTelehandlers
ExcavatorsImplements and attachmentsWaste equipment
Forklift trucksLight duty off-road vehiclesWheeled excavators and loaders
Heavy duty earth moving machineryMini-excavators

Common products

Rod seals
Piston seals
Buffer seals