Typical applications for agricultural seals

Typical applications
Bailers Irrigation systems Scrapers
Combine harvesting equipment Light duty off-road vehicles Seeding equipment (hydraulic and air)
Cultivators Livestock feeding systems Self-propelled sprayers
Cutters and shredders Livestock handling Skid steer
Excavators Material handling Tillage and tilling equipment
Hay and forage equipment Planting and seeding Tractor
Heavy duty off-road vehicles Rephasing cylinder systems Windrower
Hydraulic swivels Rice pulling machine

Rapid growth in global agriculture has resulted in the widespread cultivation of land and natural resources. As consumption and productivity levels increase, the hydraulic systems in light-duty and heavy-duty equipment face the threat of premature failure. The likelihood of fluid leakage increases as seals wear and other ancillary components fatigue as a result of longer operating cycles and more hostile environmental conditions, such as high temperatures and external contamination.

Meeting performance requirements

Improvements in the processing capability of equipment such as harvesters, feeders, and sorters have resulted in technological advancements that give equipment prolonged service life and durability. Enhancements to tilling and harvesting equipment now allow farmers and developers to work with improved accuracy and greater productivity. As such, the performance requirements for the seals, bearings, guides, and wipers used in this equipment must complement in both design and output.

At Hallite Seals, we have a wealth of experience in providing solutions that are designed to enhance performance in the hydraulic and pneumatic systems found in agricultural machinery and equipment. Whether used to prepare the earth, carry the stresses of hauling heavy materials, or handle extreme front load duty, we have a portfolio of products that are designed and engineered to application-specific parameters.

Common sealing products for agriculture

Rod seals
513 605 620 621 658


520 521 820 839 860
862 864
Piston seals
606 659 714 754 755
764 770 775 780
Unitised pistons
87 506 533


Buffer seals