Characteristics and performance

The Hallite 800 double-acting swivel seal, or rotary pressure seal, is designed specifically for use in hydraulic swivel joints for either rod or bore sealing applications. The Hallite 800’s patented design minimises friction between the seal and the rod or bore mating surface.

Depending on size, the seal is either a one-piece design or has two acetal anti-extrusion rings which allows for larger extrusion gaps. Both of these configurations can replace the two part seals typically used in this application. Hallite recommends replacing the two part seals with the Hallite 800 to eliminate the possibility of relative movement between the face seal and the energiser. Contact your local Hallite technical team to determine which configuration is best suited for your application.

Special pressure activation grooves are incorporated into the design of the seal to enable an immediate seal of the joint.

Product details


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Max pressure *

350 Bar

Temp range


Max speed


* Max pressure stated is dependant on the material variant selected. Please consult the datasheet for further information.

  • Recomended
  • Possible
  • Not suitable

* For fluid types marked as possible, please call our team of experts on +1 248-668-5200 to talk through your requirements and determine if this seal is the most suitable for your needs.

 Dynamic applicationStatic application
Fluids based on mineral oil  
Waterbased fluids  
HFA (5/95)PossiblePossible
HFB (60/40 invert emulsion)PossiblePossible
HFC (water glycol)PossiblePossible
Other fluid types  
HFD (Phosphate ester ARYL Type)Not suitableNot suitable
Synthetic esters (HEES, HFDU)RecommendedPossible