Characteristics and performance

The Hallite 51 is a heavy duty piston seal which, when installed in pairs, provides an excellent double acting piston design. It is particularly suitable for difficult operating conditions such as pressure surging, vibration or some misalignment.

The seal is an assembly of three parts, a male adaptor, a V ring and a female adaptor. Both the V ring and female adaptor are made from rubberised fabric which has a durability and strength, it also retains lubricant at the sliding surfaces so friction and wear are kept to a minimum. The V ring being the primary seal is more flexible than the adaptor which supports it and prevents extrusion damage. At higher pressures the adaptor deforms and becomes a secondary seal.

The polyacetal male adaptor has grooves across the face to ensure pressure is evenly applied to the V ring.

Product details

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Max pressure *

700 Bar

Temp range


Max speed


* Max pressure stated is dependant on the material variant selected. Please consult the datasheet for further information.

  • Recomended
  • Possible
  • Not suitable

* For fluid types marked as possible, please call our team of experts on (02) 8886 1600 to talk through your requirements and determine if this seal is the most suitable for your needs.

 Dynamic applicationStatic application
Fluids based on mineral oil  
Waterbased fluids  
HFA (5/95)PossibleRecommended
HFB (60/40 invert emulsion)RecommendedRecommended
HFC (water glycol)RecommendedRecommended
Other fluid types  
Air/NitrogenNot suitableNot suitable
HFD (Phosphate ester ARYL Type)Not suitableNot suitable
Synthetic esters (HEES, HFDU)PossiblePossible