Characteristics and performance

This seal is typically made out of our high-quality Hythane® materials combined with an elastomer energizer design optimized for superior performance.

The Hallite 716SPN can be used as a single rod seal or incorporated into a rod sealing system as the secondary seal. The 716SPN is paired with an R16 made from an Armorlene® PTFE material which becomes the primary seal in the system (see drawing above) with the 716SPN as the secondary seal in the system. This tandem arrangement is ideal for long- stroke and high-speed applications, providing optimum sealing performance.

Product details

This design fits standard ISO 7425-2 grooves and is offered in a wide range of metric and inch options.

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Max pressure *

250 Bar

Temp range


Max speed


* Max pressure stated is dependant on the material variant selected. Please consult the datasheet for further information.

  • Recomended
  • Possible
  • Not suitable

* For fluid types marked as possible, please call our team of experts on +91 80 2372 6000 to talk through your requirements and determine if this seal is the most suitable for your needs.

 Dynamic applicationStatic application
Fluids based on mineral oil  
Waterbased fluids  
HFA (5/95)RecommendedRecommended
HFB (60/40 invert emulsion)RecommendedRecommended
HFC (water glycol)Not suitableNot suitable
Other fluid types  
HFD (Phosphate ester ARYL Type)Not suitableNot suitable
Synthetic esters (HEES, HFDU)RecommendedRecommended