The Hallite 540 bearing is a high performance thermoplastic molding material reinforced with a mineral filler to provide the mechanical properties required by Dynamic Seals.

The Type 540 material is used in Dynamic Seals’ precision bearing rings, both the heavy wall machined bearings used as replacements for bronze, cast iron, powered metal and phenolic materials where compression strength and low moisture absorption are key requirements, and as thinner wall parts where tighter tolerances and dimensions stability in an as-molded part are of paramount importance.

The Type 540 material is a general purpose heat stabilized, lubricated, type 66 nylon reinforced with 40% mineral that encompasses a high aspect ration particle shape.

  • Unit of measurement:
Unit of measurement:
  • Recomended
  • Possible
  • Not Suitable

* For fluid types marked as possible, please call our team of experts on +44 208 941 2244 to talk through your requirements and determine if this seal is the most suitable for your needs.

  Dynamic application Static application
Fluids based on mineral oil    
Any Recommended Possible
Waterbased fluids    
HFA (5/95) Not suitable Not suitable
HFB (60/40 invert emulsion) Not suitable Not suitable
HFC (water glycol) Not suitable Not suitable
Water Not suitable Not suitable
Other fluid types    
Air/Nitrogen Recommended Possible
HFD (Phosphate ester ARYL Type) Recommended Possible
Synthetic esters (HEES, HFDU) Recommended Possible