Characteristics and performance

The Hallite 770 double-acting piston seal is a compact, low friction seal for light to medium-duty applications designed to fit standard inch O-ring housings.

Comprised of a tough, self-lubricated thermoplastic elastomeric face seal which is pre-loaded by a rectangular cross-section NBR expander, the standard material is only suitable for hydraulic mineral oil applications. Other material options are available for water-based (HFA and HFB) fluids and synthetic esters (HEES). For intermittent single-acting applications and in certain sizes, we recommend using Hythane® 181 for the face material.

Product details

For further details of bearing grooves, please refer to the appropriate product data sheet.

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* Max pressure stated is dependant on the material variant selected. Please consult the datasheet for further information.

  • Recomended
  • Possible
  • Not suitable

* For fluid types marked as possible, please call our team of experts on +49 (0)40 73 47 48-0 to talk through your requirements and determine if this seal is the most suitable for your needs.

 Dynamic applicationStatic application
Fluids based on mineral oil  
Waterbased fluids  
HFA (5/95)PossiblePossible
HFB (60/40 invert emulsion)PossiblePossible
HFC (water glycol)Not suitableNot suitable
Other fluid types  
HFD (Phosphate ester ARYL Type)Not suitableNot suitable
Synthetic esters (HEES, HFDU)RecommendedRecommended